Top Best BMX Tires 2024 Reviewed!

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Unless your BMX ride is Rubeus Hagrid’s flying motorcycle and you’ve got magical flying tires, the choice of your BMX tires is of utmost importance! 

It’s a major determinant of the overall performance of a ride, affecting stability, skill, and control while riding.

The suitability of your tires majorly bank on your style of riding, be it street, freestyle, dirt, racing, and casual riding, make a conscious pick while keeping it in mind!

BMX tires need to be tougher and wider than the rest, given the abuse they put up with, all those twists and turns, of course, they needn’t be as wide as Hagrid’s ride though! We have listed the factors to consider before picking the best BMX tires for yourself:

PSI (Pressure Levels)

The PSI of the innertubes, the tread significantly affects the choice of tires. When it comes to tires, the pressure in the innertubes guides the durability and the high impact landings while performing. 

The common PSI ratings are 40-70, inclined more towards street style and dirt BMX, while for racing it goes as higher as 100, while for freestyle BMX it would roughly be more than 70. These PSI levels are a rough estimate based on popular observations.


Regarding the tread, the deeper it is,  the muddier and uneven the ground can be like in dirt jumping.

Incase of park riding, you’ll choose tires with a nominal amount of tread, as they are comparatively thinner and smoother. 


Based on your style of riding, you’ll have to make sure that the tire you buy is wide enough, preferable size for your style would be:

Race Tires:  1.25 – 1.3 inches

Dirt Tires: 2 inches

Freestyle Tires: 2.2 + inches

Street Tires: 2.1+ inches

The width will impact the agility and overall performance while riding and should be considered before making your pick!

Grip and Rims

Without a good enough traction, you’ll tend to slip and injure yourself, fixing bones was painful even with magic and should be avoided at all costs! A good grippy tire rating should not be overlooked, just like the quality of the rims that matter.

Good quality rims help increase the longevity of the bike and provide the necessary structural integrity to it.

With such a competitive market and in a muggle world, you’d end up scratching your eyes out going through thousands of reviews and manufacturers before making a pick, we’ve compiled a list of the top best BMX tires for you, nothing less than magic!

Maxxis Hookworm

best bmx tires

The Maxxis Hookworm has been widely appreciated by the BMX community for its bead-to-bead tread, that provides immense stability and grip.

It is highly recommended as a BMX race bike tire, with a max tire PSI of 110 and tire width of 1.95 inches, it makes a great choice for amateurs as well as professionals.

Weighs 655g and the curved groove slick tread design makes it a stunning choice for both BMX racing and casual park riding. 

The design is an all-black color scheme, giving a cool and low-key vibe to your bike.

None of us are a fan of flat tires and are aware how they end up ruining a great ride, with these rugged tires and a thornproof tube, you are much likely to prevent punctures and enjoy a trouble-free experience!


  • Sturdy 
  • Tough 
  • PSI: 65
  • Grooved slick design
  • Rim to rim tread protected sidewall


  • Comparatively thick

Overall the Maxxis Hookworm is a great value for money, they are popular among BMX riders for all the right reasons, maintaining high quality at a reasonable price, makes it a complete charmer.

Goodyear Folding Bead Street Tire

The Goodyear Folding Bead Street Tire is a tough beat at the price it comes at. It is one of the top best BMX tires in the market. Specifically designed for street riding with a PSI of 65, it has the perfect tire width standing at 2.1 inches.

It weighs 750g, making it a great low weight BMX tire, increasing deftness while performing tricks. The other features include folding beads that help in easy installation and Fits rims 1.5-2.125 inch.

This is an incredible choice for BMX riders as they are way gripper and durable, also endures well in rain and can take a lot of pothole beating without wearing off! 

The tire tread feels terrific on smooth surfaces while still having great traction on a dirt trail and wet surfaces. Available in two colors, black and white, it adds a pleasing aesthetic to your BMX ride!


  • Specifically made for Street Riding 
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good Grip


  • Good for not above 40 PSI of pressure 

The above variant is an 18-inch BMX Street tire which is also available in a bigger size, a 20-inch version for a bigger bike frame. 

These are highly recommended for BMX riders as they are affordable quality tires that come with low riding resistance and promising traction. 

SUNLITE freestyle BMX

Customizable funky tires with a vast color palette to choose from, apart from a great grip, Sunlite has a lot to offer. With a max tire PSI of 65, weighing 720g, and having six different size options and a tire width of 1.75 – 1.95 inches, these tires are highly recommended for freestyle riders.

The grippy bead tire and wrap-around tread grooves make for great traction, less rolling resistance which makes it easier and faster to ride. These are easy to install and work well on urban streets even in the presence of debris and perform satisfactorily during rains.


  • 10 color options
  • 40-65 PSI 
  • Lightweight
  • Good Grip


  • Durability

Skid marks on the tracks are pretty fun to make, not skidding while making them is even cooler, we highly recommend the SUNLITE freestyle BMX as it tops our charts in appearance while maintaining a standard quality, not to forget it comes at a great price too!


The Sunlite MX3 BMX Tire has a reputation for durability and is long-lasting, it lives up to its popularity. The lower resistance tread pattern, with a max tire PSI of 65 and a tire width of 1.75-2.25 inches makes it a great choice for freestyle BMX riding.

It comes with a particular durable casing that makes it lasting while preventing punctures and flats. You’ll not need to look elsewhere when it comes to durability and getting a good amount of grip, the SUNLITE MX3 commits to it sincerely.

It also boasts of ten different size options and four color options, giving you enough variations to customize your pick from.


  • Lightweight(452g)
  • 10 size options
  • 4 color options
  • Max tire PSI: 65
  • Highly durable


  • Ordering size may be an issue

These tires are a great deal for the money, recommended for BMX freestyle riding, and for kids bikes, these have decent quality and grip but great when it comes to durability.

Cult × Vans BMX Tire

After the huge success of the Cult × Vans Waffle Grips, it was no surprise that Vans collaborated with Cult for designing tires. 

The two leading brands have worked together to deliver a 20” BMX tire, pretty striking and sticking to its renowned waffle design. Featuring a 65psi it can hold up to 110psi and is great for wall rides, fast park riding and BMX dirt riding, they cater to all kinds of BMX riders.

( Wouldn’t be recommended if you ride lots of mud, as it tends to get stuck in the tread and can decrease the grip). The only downside is that they do not come in a thinner version and will only fit the wheel size that is 20” having a width of 2/4″ 

The VEE rubber was used in the making of the tire compound, assuring the control and durability of the tires.


  • 20″ specific sizing
  • Vans Waffle design
  • Max Psi 100
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all


  • Thicker

As a BMX rider, you’d know that these two brands dominate the markets, Vans with its collaborations has come a long way from just providing shoes, whilst Cult too has expanded under the promising quality and innovations it offers with its products.

It’s safe to say that these won’t disappoint you and are one of the best BMX tires to exist.

Eastern Squealer BMX Freestyle Tire

If you’re looking for a freestyle BMX tire, The Eastern Squealer BMX Freestyle Tire is your ultimate choice, it’s the best when it comes to BMX freestyle riding.

The Eastern rubber compound provides an extreme grip and traction, making it a favorite among BMX riders.

Being 2.4 inches wide it’s great to ride around the park, recessed tread for less resistance on grinds and sidewall tread that are crafted to provide grippier carving and stability, which make it a terrific choice for BMX riders.


  • Max tire PSI 100
  • Two-color variants
  • 2.4″ wide
  • Great Grip 


  • Might wear down 

The smooth center that assists in furnishing a lower rolling resistance enhances the biker’s speed, it has a lot to offer at the price it comes for! We highly recommend these for a great BMX riding experience.

Kenda K-Rad Standard BMX Tires

Kenda has a pretty good range for tires, it caters to both BMX and Mountain Bike riders. The Kenda K-Rad Standard BMX Tires provide a low rolling resistance that ensures agility while making high impact landings.

The Slim profile of the tire combined with an inverted tread design and a knurled track helps maintain traction and stability. The tread pattern is smooth and quiet on the regular streets, offering plenty of grip for the hard-pack dirt riding.

The 30-80 lb. pressure range allows you to pressure down for more grip on the trails and run high at 70psi on the streets for a great overall BMX riding.

Boasting of the SRC compound and a wide bead, it provides longevity to your BMX ride!


  • Inverted tread design
  • 20″ × 1.95
  • Max PSI 70
  • All-rounder


  • Not suitable for aggressive snow riding

These are highly recommended for BMX dirt racing and freestyle BMX riding. They come at an affordable price with power-packed features, they make for one of the best BMX tires in the market.


BMX riding is not just a cool sport and when you buy the accessories for your ride, be unyielding till you find your perfect match.

We’ve listed a range of tires that are suitable for all kinds of riders, freestyle, race, dirt, street, you are sure to find your pick among our recommendations.

It’s a common mistake made while ordering, a tire though should technically be available in pairs, you have to keep in mind that they are only a single and not a pair, so order the quantity accordingly.

Also before ordering, check the sizes mentioned and match it with your wheel and size frame.

The PSI levels, durability, grip, price, width, tread are the elements for determining the magic potion of your tire, let’s admit it, cruising on our rides, the adrenaline rush through the spins and high impact landings is what true magic feels like! 

Your choice will ultimately be guided by the style of your riding, we hope our comprehensive list and in-depth information will smoothly assist you in making your pick.