Best Road Bike Helmets Under $100 Reviewed – 2024

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Hello there, biking buddies! Let’s talk about road bike helmets, that fantastic head protection that keeps you safe with fantastic head protection when you ride your bike. When you’re leaning forward, trying to be incredibly fast, you want to make sure your head is especially protected in case something unexpected happens. They come in a variety of distinctive styles and colors, so you can find one that fits your personality. We have got the scoop on several best road bike helmets under $100 that will keep you riding in style and safety. Let’s get started!

Giro offers excellent helmets that are also very comfortable for riders. The Savant is a perfect choice because it is inexpensive and lightweight. It comes in two sizes of medium(55-59 cm) and large (59-63 cm), so choose the one that fits you.

One cool feature of Giro helmets is that they contain 25 vents, which keep your head cool and prevent sweaty hair. The In-Mold construction makes it durable and doesn’t add much weight on you.

The Roc Loc 5 system allows you to effortlessly modify the fit while riding. Even if the strap is a little tricky, you can quickly fix it while wearing the helmet. Overall, Giro helmets are an amazing investment because they are inexpensive and provide excellent value.


  • In-Mold construction
  • Two color options
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 25 vents for air-flow


  • Strap quality is not very good.

TeamObsidian provides an excellent helmet that is a strong competitor to others. The Team Obsidian Airflow Bike Helmet has a sporty appearance and is extremely light, weighing only 0.6 to 0.63 pounds. It comes in 5 vibrant colors to choose from.

The visor may be removed and replaced, and the helmet contains washable pads and a comfortable chin strap. Its fit dial allows you to effortlessly adjust the chin strap and headband.

The plastic mold on the cushioning looks sleek and stylish while providing shock absorption. The helmet features 22 large air vents for ventilation and keeps you cool and dry. This helmet includes everything you’d want in a safety helmet at its price point.


  • Looks classy
  • 5 color options
  • Light in weight
  • inexpensive
  • 22 vents to keep you cool
  • Adjustable fit dial


  • Ordering the correct size may be difficult as the size chart lacks accuracy, however customer service is quite helpful.

A cool and stylish helmet from Kingbike has a smooth skull design and a bright, solid color. It’s one of the trendiest helmets around. It has a size range of 54-63 cm and 9 color options.

The helmet is made of strong polycarbonate material with an EPS liner, so it’s really durable and also lightweight. It’s designed to let in a lot of air with 24 vents, keeping your head cool in hot weather.

This Kingbike helmet is CPSE and CE certified for safety and has LED lights at the back for extra safety. The LED lights can be set to three modes: always on, slow flash, and fast flash, and it’s easy to switch between them. When you buy it, you also get a portable backpack to carry your helmet and two removable visors to protect you from the sun and dust during your ride.


  • Trendy look
  • 9 color choices
  • Washable pads
  • Low budget purchase
  • 24 air vents 
  • Features LED light and a backpack


  • The LED light works on a small battery and will run out soon.

The Thousand Adult Bike Helmet is a well looking and well fitting helmet that keeps your head protected. It’s especially secure thanks to the special pop lock feature—you can leave it with your bike lock, and they have a policy to replace it if it’s stolen, which is quite great.

The adjustable dial fit on the back of the helmet helps in convenient custom fit for every ride. Plus, Its magnetic buckle makes things easier. The straps are made of vegan leather, which is excellent for the environment and prevents sweating.

The helmet contains seven air vents and three cooling channels that do an excellent job of keeping your head cool. This helmet has got elegance but it doesn’t compromise on your safety while riding.


  • Trendy look
  • 9 color choices
  • Pop lock for security
  • Dial fit system
  • durable


  • Some customers say that it is too wide. So, get your right size.

The VICTGOAL road bike helmet has great looks and is reasonably priced. The helmet is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 310g (0.68 lb), and features 21 vents to keep you cool while riding.

This bike helmet has a robust high-density PC shell and comfortable interior cushioning of EPS foam to absorb the impact of hits and bumps, ensuring safety and comfort.

It includes a rechargeable LED light that can be plugged in and charged by USB. This light has three modes: steady, quick flashing, and slow flashing, allowing others behind you to see where you’re going.

This VICTGOAL road bike helmet comes with a magnetic visor and goggles. They can be worn together to protect your eyes from the sun and your face from wind and sand. It’s an excellent choice for both mountain and road biking.


  • Incredible look
  • 12 options in color 
  • Magnetic goggles and visor
  • high-density PC shell
  • Soft inner EPS cushioning


  • The back light is sometimes missing inside the packaging.

The Zacro Bike Helmet is a high-quality helmet that ensures your safety. It complies with both European and American safety regulations, so you can put your trust in it. Its durable polycarbonate shell and shock-absorbing foam make it perfect for absorbing collisions and keeping you safe.

It includes 18 vents that allow air to flow, keeping your head cool even in hot conditions. It’s so light that your head won’t feel heavy even on extended rides. The visor may be quickly removed to shield the sun, and the padding inside is removable and easy to clean.

The adjustable dial and straps ensure a proper fit for your head, The helmet is ideal for a variety of activities such as urban commuting, cycling, and scooter riding, keeping you comfortable and safe on your travels.


  • 18 air vents 
  • Available in 16 colors 
  • Satisfy U.S. CPSC safety standards
  • Adjustable fit system
  • Strong construction


  • Strips can feel uncomfortable for some people.

The Schwinn Thrasher Adult Bike Helmet is built for your comfort, with a 360° adjustable dial fit knob. The helmet features two robust layers of foam and is lightweight and durable. It has 9 amazing color options to choose from.

The dial mechanism and side straps make it simple to adjust, and the visor provides additional shade when riding, and the webbing is easily adjustable for a comfortable fit and it can be removed if needed. This lightweight road bike helmet is suitable for adults aged 14 and up, with a suggested head size of 58-62cm.

It also comes in an integrated LED light version. This bicycle helmet meets US safety standards and features 21 vents to keep you cool. Plus, the moisture-wicking pads keep you dry.It’s ideal for a safe and enjoyable journey!


  • 21 air vents 
  • 9 choices in color 
  • Satisfy U.S. CPSC safety standards
  • Dial fit knob
  • Soft EPS inner cushioning


  • Adjustable straps may have some issues.

The GROTTICO bike helmet is designed to keep you safe and comfortable while riding. It meets cycling requirements in the United States and the European Union, so you know it’s dependable. The dial and straps can be easily adjusted to fit your head, and there are two sizes to pick from. It even includes an in-built back light that can be charged using USB.

It has three lighting modes, making it ideal for night rides. Because it is constructed by fusing a hard outer shell with absorbent foam, the helmet is both tough and light.

It contains 23 vents for optimum ventilation to keep your head cool. They also include extra inner padding and two different colored visors. They also include extra inside pads and two other colored visors to vary up the look. It’s an excellent choice for being safe and comfortable on your bike travels.


  • Sturdy construction
  • 23 vents for ventilation
  • Available in 6 colors 
  • 3 lighting modes
  • USB rechargeable light


  • Might feel heavy for some.


Wearing a helmet when biking is very important since it can prevent most head injuries and reduce damage if an accident occurs. Many helmets have comfy pads inside that you can take out and wash. Plus, there are lots of color options to match your style. Some helmets even come with LED lights, but not all of them do. If yours doesn’t, you can easily add reflective tape to make it visible at night. 

Before purchasing a helmet, check that it follows all the safety rules and fits comfortably on your head. Consider its construction material, how well it fits, and how comfortable it is. We evaluated and reviewed all of the helmets on our list to provide you with the best choices that are both high-quality and affordable. Never ride a bike without a helmet, it keeps you safe. Enjoy your ride!